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UK Scholarships for Indian Students

With a proven track record of assisting hundreds of Indian students, SI-UK is here to guide you towards scholarship success in the UK. Unlock your path to success through our unparalleled connections with top UK universities and comprehensive online resources that have been designed to help you discover the perfect scholarship. Let us help you turn your aspirations into achievements!

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Scholarships in the UK

University-specific scholarships

Tap into your true potential by applying to scholarship opportunities at top UK universities. From the prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship at the University of Bristol to the transformative Reach Oxford Scholarship at the University of Oxford, countless avenues await students from diverse backgrounds. In order to qualify for a university-specific scholarship, applicants must meet specific criteria such as academic excellence, financial need, or particular demographic factors. Seize the chance to pursue your academic aspirations with these coveted scholarships today.

Government funded scholarships

UK government-funded scholarships allow thousands of talented Indian students from underserved backgrounds to fulfil their dreams of living and studying in the UK. At the undergraduate level, the Maintenance Grant provides financial assistance to students from low-income households while the Disabled Students’ Allowance supports students who have a learning difficulty, health problem, or disability.

The UK government also offers wide-ranging scholarships targeting students from all walks of life for postgraduate studies. The distinguished Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan helps students from Commonwealth countries to study in the UK and the renowned Chevening Scholarship supports outstanding students from around the world to pursue a one-year master’s programme. Well-rounded Indian students who meet the scholarship criteria are eligible to apply for both.

Private scholarships

Private scholarships provide financial aid through kind donors such as corporations, foundations, and individuals. These generous scholarships are available for students who have a proven academic record or who demonstrate their financial needs — or both.

Subject scholarships

A wide range of subject-specific scholarships are available in the UK across engineering, medicine, law, science, business, and humanities fields. Typically, they are awarded based on excellent academic merit or a demonstrated financial need to students who display passion and commitment towards a particular specialisation.

Subject scholarships provide financial support for tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses with additional benefits like mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive events. The combination of these benefits enable you to graduate with extra tools in your arsenal to successfully land a job in your chosen field or to pursue further studies to help with your specialisation.

Undergraduate scholarships

Undergraduate scholarships are reserved for students applying for their first degree, right after completing their high school education. One of the most popular scholarships available for Indian students at the undergraduate level is the GREAT Scholarship that offers funds of up to £10,000 in a variety of subjects.

The Commonwealth Scholarship is another sought-after scholarship for students from Commonwealth countries (including India), covering tuition fees, travel expenses, and living expenses.

The Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship is awarded to Indian students seeking financial support to follow an undergraduate programme in the UK. This scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and travel expenses, allowing students to easily enjoy life in the UK while prioritising their studies.

Master’s scholarships

Discover a range of master’s scholarships available to Indian postgraduate students. From fully funded options covering tuition fees and living expenses to partial scholarships assisting with tuition costs, the opportunities are endless. Some scholarships also offer monthly stipends to support living expenses while others provide avenues for internships or research projects.

One of the most popular fully funded scholarship programmes is the Chevening Scholarship for outstanding international students based on academic achievements, work experience showing leadership qualities, and letters of recommendation. Explore these diverse range of possibilities to kickstart your academic journey today.

Eligibility and requirements

Scholarship eligibility criteria vary based on the program, but primarily they consider academic merit, other accomplishments, and demonstrated financial need. Additional criteria such as the applicant’s home country/region or the chosen field of study may also apply.

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What our students have to say about SI-UK

I utilized the services of SI-UK in Chennai which proved invaluable for me. They provided great assistance throughout my application process, guiding me from evaluating my choices to selecting the university that best matched my profile.
Masters in Business Analytics, Lancaster University
Nidhi Agarwal
"SI-UK has been a crucial part of my UK journey. They assisted me in obtaining my bachelor's degree in August 2019 and now, they've aided me in securing admission to a top design university in London for my master's. The counselors at SI-UK offer personalised support to each applicant, helping us in each and every step including the final stage of obtaining our CAS letter once we receive the offer."
Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal
MSc Design Innovation, Loughborough University
"The entire team at SI-UK was incredibly supportive. They provided me with a list of universities to consider, and I ultimately chose Aston University. With their assistance, I applied and received an offer along with a £5000 scholarship. I am grateful to my counselor and the entire team for guiding me through the visa application process and every other aspect. Thank you, SI-UK, for helping me pursue my dream."
Engineering, Aston University
Saumya Sharma
"Last year, I reached out to SI-UK, Jaipur for my Master’s journey, and it has been an incredibly fulfilling and successful experience. From guiding me through the application process to assisting with letters of recommendation and statement of purpose, and even following up with universities, SI-UK provided comprehensive support at every step of the journey. They went the extra mile, assisting with admissions, fee processing, accommodation arrangements, visa guidance, and coordination on medical checkups. I firmly believe that my admission to the University of Birmingham wouldn't have been possible without SI-UK. I highly recommend SI-UK to anyone seeking admission to a UK or Ireland university."
Saumya Sharma
Saumya Sharma
MBA , University of Birmingham
Jehabuz Khan
In September, I sought assistance from SI-UK for my studies in the UK, with a planned intake for January 2023. With the support of my counsellor who made exceptional efforts, I smoothly navigated the application process which culminated in the timely acquisition of my UK student visa hassle-free. I wholeheartedly endorse SI-UK to fellow students aiming to pursue their dreams of studying in the UK. Thank you!
Jehabuz Khan
Jehabuz Khan
MSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde
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